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Terms of Usage:

You may use this set as Linkware, free of charge,
provided you observe the following:

1) that your site is a non-profit; child-friendly site
 with no obscenity or adult-only issues;

2) that you provide a link back to Until Then Graphics with the logo below;

3) You do not "mix and match" sets. You do not have to use all the tiles, bars, etc., that comes with this set, nor do you have to use them 
in this exact layout, but you cannot mix buttons from another set.

4) that you do not redistribute these graphics in any way whether offering them as part of a collection on the Internet or in a CD package;

5) that you do not alter in any way the graphics here.


For a zipped file please email us here.

Please include a link back to
Until Them Graphics

Artwork: Childhood Idyll, -1900
by Wm.-Adolphe Bouguereau

Music: English Country Garden,
English  Folksong
sequenced by Barry Taylor
The midi is not included in the zip file.


Mouse Bubble Script written by Kurt Grigg: Kurt's DHTML

Bubble created by Until Then Graphics.

Font used is Maiandra GD